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How We Make Money

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Our readers are our highest value. You are why we spend countless hours putting forth the best in Tabletop research, guides, and content. Being transparent in every aspect of our operations aligns with who we are. If we’re not adding value to your life, we don’t believe we’re doing our job.

How Does Let’s Roll Press Make Money?

It’s much simpler than you might think. In addition to selling our own products, we partner with advertisers, companies, product makers, and service providers that share our vision of helping you make your next adventure your best one yet. These partners may include dice makers, content creators, and other companies that conduct work in the tabletop game sector.

When you read one of our posts, click on one of our partners’ links, then decide to make a purchase, open an account, or one of many other triggering actions — we may earn a commission from that advertiser at no extra cost to you. In some instances, you may even get an exclusive promotion that saves you money because our partners love to do business with Let’s Roll Press readers.

At the end of the day, our main goal is to inform and protect, not lure you into purchasing products or services that won’t help or you don’t need.

Can I Trust Let’s Roll Press Reviews?

Glad you asked. With the internet being what it is, even we browse with an element of skepticism. We understand if you wonder if our reviews and content are biased or intended to influence you to make a purchase so we can earn a commission. Those purchases are how we make money, but our integrity is more valuable to us than a quick buck. Not only that, but it would just be bad business to sell you out for fast cash. If we break your trust, you won’t return or recommend our content to your friends and family. Being honest and maintaining our editorial integrity long-term will always mean much more to us than making extra money in the short term.

Plain and simple, we do not allow third-party compensation to affect our due diligence and editorial integrity. If we review a product and genuinely do not find the product to be in the best interest of our readers, you can be sure our review will reflect those findings – even if we are compensated for that review. Advocating for something that would steer our readers away from their next great adventure goes against our very core. It’s simply not who we are and not how we do business.

How Can I Trust You Are Being Honest?

We believe our work speaks for itself. We spend countless hours researching products, apps, and companies that don’t even know we exist. Many of our reviews, predate our affiliate relationships with these companies. Why? Because we started Let’s Roll D&D with the intention of putting our readers first, and that will never change.

Who Is Behind Let’s Roll D&D?

We’re an eclectic, knowledgeable team with a very wide range of knowledge and passions. Each member is an expert in their field, and we’ve assembled them to do what they love: sharing their passion and knowledge with the world.

We do this all in an attempt to help you and thousands of others experience the best life has to offer.

Our Highest Value

Since we started this company, serving you and the rest of our readers has been, and will remain, our highest value. We value you more than anything else. We work hard to ensure your next adventure is your best yet and are excited you’ve joined the party.