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Best D&D Dice Sets for Every Player and Budget

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Dice are one of the most important pieces of gear you need for any tabletop adventure, but with so many to choose from, it can feel overwhelming. Don’t worry. We’ve carefully curated the perfect list for you. We’ve done the research and found the best D&D dice in a couple of major categories:

  • Top Picks – The best picks overall.
  • Best Budget Dice – The best dice under $20.
  • Best Expensive Dice – The best dice over $20.
  • Best Metal Dice – Our top picks for metal dice.
  • Best Wooden Dice – Our top picks for wooden dice.
  • Best Bulk Dice – The best way to get started or provide for freeloaders.

Let us help you with that burden of choice. Join us in the dice collecting frenzy.

Top Picks

These dice have been handpicked as our favorites. We based our picks on price and quality.

Top Pick
Chessex Dice

If you’re looking for your first set or your 1,000th Chessex is the best option that’s both cheap and durable.

Buy On Awesome Dice Buy On Amazon

There’s a reason you can find these sets at every local game store. These are definitely your entry-level dice, and their precision isn’t anything impressive, but they are cheap and get the job done.

On top of that, Chessex has tons of color options and combinations, so you can theme your dice after your new character, which can be a fun way to get into roleplaying. Without a doubt, Chessex sets are the best option for most players.

Runner Up
Game Science Dice

Don’t let their simplicity overshadow how good Game Science dice are. If you’re looking for more precision at a fair dice for the cost then this is the maker for you.

Buy from Game Science

These dice were a close second to Chessex. We ultimately decided to make these our runner-up because they cost a little more and don’t have nearly as many colors and designs available.

However, if precision is important to you, these dice are better than Chessex Dice. Here you can see a precision comparison between Chessex and Game Science Dice. For most players, the difference in precision isn’t an issue, but if that’s important to you, These are a great pick!

Top Metal Pick
Heimdallr - Blacksmith Craft Dice: Weathered Iron

With a variety of colors and styles, Heimdallr Dice will suit any player from newbie to veteran. The Blacksmith Craft Dice are of superior quality for the cost.

Buy from Amazon See All Options
11/04/2022 07:28 am GMT

These dice definitely have the “cool factor” and don’t break the bank! They’re weighted just right and are incredibly durable. Unlike the more expensive dice, these aren’t guaranteed to be truly random, but we believe they are great for most players.

As with all metal dice, we encourage you to roll on a mat or in a box, so you don’t damage your tabletop!

Top Precision Pick
Gravity Dice

Crafted out of aluminum, each dice is engineered to be perfectly balanced, meaning each roll is 100% fair and random. These are high quality and should result in the most random rolls!

Buy From Gravity Dice

These dice are engineered to last and are also engineered for fun. Since each dice is perfectly balanced for precision and the corners are flattened, the chance of a die landing on its edge is higher than normal. As if your Dungeon Master needed you giving them any more headaches.

These dice are stunning and will give you the most random rolls of any on our list, but you pay a premium for the solid construction and precision balance.

Top Bulk Pick
Wiz Dice Bag of Holding: Collection of 140 Dice

With the amount of dice in the Wiz Dice Pack, you can create your own custom sets or just pick and choose the exact dice you want to use.

Buy from Amazon Full Wiz Dice Store
11/04/2022 03:30 am GMT

Your buddy, the bard, forgot their dice again? No problem, with over 15 guaranteed 7 dice sets, there will be plenty of dice to share.

Or maybe you’re a DM who needs 15 d12’s to roll damage on the player who summoned the Great Old One at level four? Every player around the table will get nervous each time you reach into this bag and pull out a fistful of dice!

Either way, Wiz Dice has you covered.

Best Budget Dice

If you’re looking to get quality dice for cheap, these are your best options.

Budget D&D Polyhedral Dice with Bag

Chessex Dice

Chessex Dice can be found in every local game shop and online. They come in a variety of colors and are industry standard in the Tabletop RPG world. They have sets starting at $5.

Awesome Dice

Any of Awesome Dice’s Acrylic or Resin sets will last you a lifetime of rolls. They have plenty of cool designs and can bring out the special flair you had in mind.

Dice Envy

These Dice Envy collections range from $1.50 to $20. They have all sorts of cool colors, and you are guaranteed to enjoy playing with these unique, budget-friendly sets. On top of that, they even have a couple of dice subscription boxes that are worth checking out. They make great gifts for that friend who can’t stop buying new dice!

Best Expensive Dice

If you’re looking to spend some cash on dice that your friends will envy, one of these sets will do the trick!

Wyrmwood Gaming Tiger’s Eye Set

Averaging around $100, these dice mean business. Wyrmwood artisans have crafted these gemstone dice to be real-life weighted and durable. They recommend a Dice Vault and care when rolling these precious dice.

Artisan Dice Whiskey Barrell Set

The Whiskey Barrell set is perfect for those playing a character who loves to spend all their gold at the tavern. Made from whiskey barrels, these dice are the definition of fancy. This gorgeous set is sure to impress.

Norse Foundry Dragons and Things Sets

Dragons and Things Pure Aluminum sets are precise to the core. Norse Foundry is always looking to be innovative and artistic. At $150 a pop, these sets are sure to last and guarantee near 100% randomness of rolls.

Best Metal Dice

These metal dice are great for longevity and making a statement. Just be sure to roll in a box, or you might dent your table!

Metal D&D Polyhedral Dice
Gravity Precision Metal Dice

Heimdallr – Blacksmith Craft Dice Sets

With a variety of colors and styles, Heimdallr Dice will suit any player from newbie to veteran. The Blacksmith Craft Dice are of superior quality for the cost. They’re weighted just right and are incredibly durable. The best part is they’re not much more expensive than the budget dice! Most sets are in the ballpark of $15.

Gravity Dice

Gravity Dice, one of our favorite manufacturers, engineers all their dice for perfect precision and balance and are durable to last you a lifetime. This set was close to being our very top pick, but we knocked it down because of the hefty price tag. Not only will they last forever, but the precision rolling means you’ll get truly random rolls every time.

DnDice Metal Sets

Dndice are lovingly crafted to roll across the table undaunted by anything in their way. In plenty of colors and styles to get your game going. You will love the care put into these sets. These are die-cast with zinc to make them durable and long-lasting.

Best Wood Dice

Wooden dice are a great statement for some characters, and they look great! You’ll likely be the only player at the table with wooden dice, so you’re sure to stand out as well.

Wood D&D Polyhedral Dice

Norse Foundry Wood Sets

Norse Foundry Dice are painstakingly loved to perfection. Crafted from exotic woods and engineered to roll naturally across the table. The craftsmanship is worth the money.

Misty Mountain Gaming

Misty Mountain Gaming has an incredible assortment of wooden dice. Not only are these dice among the best for make and longevity, but they also smell incredible. Rolling with Rosewood is truly a pleasure.

Artisan Dice

Artisan Dice has some of our favorite text inlays. The calligraphy is nothing short of beautiful, though it can sometimes be hard to read. Rolling a set of these will be sure to turn some heads.

Best Bulk Dice

If you’re a DM and want to get some bulk dice for those massive damage rolls or to have some extras when that one player (you know who we’re talking about) forgets their dice for the 83rd time, a bulk bag is probably a great buy!

Bulk D&D Polyhedral Dice

Wiz Dice Bulk Packs

There is no one better at bulk dice than Wiz Dice. Their Dice Bag Bundles feature 140 dice in themed drawstring pouches. These are perfect for whatever board game or Tabletop RPG you have planned.

Wiz Dice also has two other bundles. Dice Cup Bundles come with 35 dice and a stylish dice cup, and their Random Bulk Packs come with 100+ dice from each of their signature series.

The best part? All these sets are affordable. Don’t buy from Wish or any unpronounceable named companies. Purchase straight from Wiz Dice, and you’ll be glad you did.

Chessex Pound O’ Dice

Chessex makes our list yet again. The Pound O’ Dice is an assortment of just about every non-gourmet dice you can think of. Amazing for replacing dice you’ve lost or destroyed.

Yellow Mountain Imports

Yellow Mountain makes a great 126 dice set for a very reasonable price. If you’re looking to get started or run a campaign for a group with no gear, look no further. This set even comes with a large enough bag capable of holding all 126 dice comfortably.

Cheap or Expensive Dice?

This is one of the most asked questions we get. Unfortunately, the best answer is “it depends.”

If you’re a new player, we’d suggest not spending more than $30 on your first set. But if you’ve been playing for a few years and want to splurge, go for it! If you’re worried about accuracy, you can also splurge on some precision dice, but for most players, precision dice aren’t a big factor in real play, and a cheaper dice set will work just fine.

Generally, if you’re buying anything above $30, you’re looking for the cool factor. That means the amount you spend is totally up to you and how much you value having cool dice.

There are a lot of options out there and depending on what you’re looking for, it can get really expensive. For example, this set is 95% Tungsten and some of these dice weigh around 1 lb. If you get these, be sure to not damage your table!

Dice Materials

Want to understand the material options available for your dice? Dice come in all shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some of the most common:

Polyresin and Acrylic

These are the standard dice that you will see for sale in any game store. They are the cheapest and easiest to make. Resin is lightweight and durable and comes in many fun colors and patterns.

Acrylic is very similar to Resin and will have a similar feel and sheen as resin. Acrylic is typically used to create opaque and translucent color schemes. Acrylic is just as durable as resin.


Most metal dice are made of zinc or aluminum. They’re typically well crafted and have a nice weight in your hand. When rolling, be sure to have a nice padded surface, so you don’t wake the neighbors or damage the table.

These metal dice are made to withstand a beating. However, they tend to be twice as expensive as the Polyresin and Acrylic sets available, especially if they are Precision dice, which means they were machined to have the ideal perfect weight and achieve perfect randomness when rolled.

Other Special Materials

Some wooden dice are lightweight, like oak or cedar, and some will even have a nice scent, like rosewood and spruce. Costs may vary, with some sets being cheaper than polyresin and others being more than $60 for a fine wood like rosewood.

Stone is a unique material and can be an impressive addition to your accessories; however, beware, stone dice tend to chip and get worn down faster than other materials.

Bone dice are terrifying. Typically crafted out of animal bone, they are perfect for the barbarian or druid. Some special macabre versions are even crafted from human bones, perfect for the budding necromancer you have always wished to roll. Expect to pay top dollar for craftsmanship and uniqueness.

You can find dice in just about any material. Just look around the internet (We suggest starting with Artisan Dice). If you’re a beer lover, you can even find dice made out of Hops. Or, if you’re looking for something truly odd, check out the Moose Poo Dice set.

Moose Poo D&D Polyhedral Dice
Moose Poo Dice

Top Dice Makers

Sometimes, checking out some of the premier dice makers is a great way to find a cool set of dice. Below are some of the most popular dice makers in the game world at the moment. Listed alphabetically, to be fair!

Artisan Dice

Straight out of Texas, Artisan Dice specializes in crafting all dice types for the novice gamer to the veteran level 20 wizards. You will find many exotic dice and a whole lot of love given to the craft. They’ve even made dice from human bones. If you’re looking for dice made from truly unique materials, check them out or find them at many notable conventions.

Awesome Dice

Plainly put, you can find just about every dice set you are looking for at Awesome Dice. They specialize in most RPG game dice and even have a reasonably priced Subscription box of other top makers.


Chessex is the most recognizable maker in the tabletop world. You can find their products in virtually every local game shop. And even in some retail stores. They have hundreds of varieties of dice and packs. Whether you are looking for your first or your hundredth set, you can’t go wrong with Chessex.


Critit is a small family-owned business in the UK, and they stock everything a budding RPG gamer will need, from accessories to dice and sourcebooks. They also design a wonderful collection of dice themselves. Check out their gift ideas, too, for that special someone!

Dark Elf Dice

Originally from Wisconsin, the birthplace of D&D, Dark Elf Dice is run by passionate gamers looking to help out the gaming community by crafting a huge selection of gaming accessories and dice. They know dice and RPGs, and they put love into everything they create or sell.

Dice Envy

Dice Envy’s mission statement runs off 1 principle; “Dice are Cool,” and so with their dice, you are sure to be the envy of your tablemates. They are quality crafters, and their prices, albeit more than others, are still reasonable. Check out both their subscription box services and their monthly auctions for ExtraLife, a nonprofit that gives 100% of proceeds to Children’s Hospitals.


DnDice hails from the UK, and they are all about metal dice. Their Dragon Core Series comes in at over 5x the weight of regular dice. Their legendary sets are phenomenal, with options including 24k Gold Plated and Damascus steel. Surely worth the splurge. And while you are saving up for the legendary dice, they also sell some affordable acrylic sets that are sure to impress.

Game Science

Game Science’s website may not look impressive, but their dice are some of the best precision dice in the budget price point. These dice are designed to be fair and balanced. Every roll you can be sure is up to chance, and every encounter you face will be in the hands of the Dungeon & Dragons gods. They are proven crafter, and no other competitor comes close to the precision.

Gravity Dice

Gravity is more than just a theory for this maker. What must go up must come down completely and entirely random. These crafters make metal sets that are worth their money. Each set is guaranteed to be 100% fair. So fair and balanced even that there is a chance that any dice will land on its edge. Truly a unique maker and a wonderful experience.

Heimdallr Dice

Heimdallr – Blacksmith Dice is a relatively new maker in the dice world, but they have quite the Amazon Store built up in 3 years. They pay close attention to detail, and the quality of the dice is sublime. Boasting multiple thousands of 5-star ratings on Amazon, Heimdallr is the affordable go-to metal dice maker, in my opinion.

Kraken Dice

Kraken has some of the most unique styles.  They have plenty of interesting designs in their store, such as Goblin vomit and Bloodbath. They also are a feature maker of oversized d20’s. Check them out for your next reasonably priced purchase. You can sort through their dice by color or material.

Little Dragon Corp

A quaint custom resin and acrylic dice store in Canada. Little Dragon Corp sells unique sets and several other main makers. Check out their weekly blog, Dragon’s Digest for more.

Level Up Dice

The “home of luxury dice.” You can find Level Up Dice at most major conventions, and they are all about high-quality dice. Their collections include TruStone, Metal, Bone, Wood, Aluminum, and Semi-Precious Stones.

Metallic Dice Games

A newer maker, Metallic Dice Games includes metal dice sets, acrylic, gemstone, and glow-in-the-dark dice. If you are looking to enhance your tabletop experience, you cannot go wrong with these premium dice and accessories.

Norse Foundry

Norse Foundry is all about enhancing your gaming experience with quality dice and accessories to provide you and yours with memorable moments around the table! Their store has unique dice such as precious metals and poo (yup, you read that right) to heavy metals, glass, plush dice, and more. Check out their resources page to see how to care for your dice and other RPG tips.


Located in Poland, Q-Workshop makes thousands of finely crafted dice each day. Their collection includes RPG dice for all major RPG games. They also are the leading maker of custom dice in Europe. BE sure to check out their Witcher-themed pre-order sets.

Wiz Dice

The “top dog” of bulk dice. Wiz Dice’s multipack dice are just normal polyresin and acrylic dice, but the value is unheard of. Their amazon store is full of deals and accessories to bring more fun to your campaigns. Primarily for the budding up-and-coming DM but useful for all RPG’s check them out on Amazon.

Carrying Cases and Accessories

Every maker and RPG game store will have their accessories for carrying and storing your dice so if you buy your dice in person, check out their selection. If you’re looking to make a purchase online, check out some of our favorites below.

D&D Dice Game Keeper
Resin Wraith Game Keeper

Game Keeper

If you’re looking for a custom option, Resin Wraith’s Game Keeper is the way to go. These single-pour resin boxes are sure to turn heads as you pull your favorite dice out to battle. These boxes also have a built-in tablet holder for your digital character sheet or spell app.

Just know they do small batch production runs and have frequent sales, so be sure to order the one you want before it’s sold out!

Dice Tray and Storage

Casematix’s handy carrying case is flat enough to store in your backpack or to carry and can hold up to 115 dice around the ring and in the center. Both the lid and base can be used for rolling and is perfect for keeping those heavy metal and precious stone dice from hurting the table, getting broken, or being too loud. This is a must-have.

42 Pc. Dice Case

If you really want to stay organized, Murdor’s Dice Case will keep any dice safe.  Hold 7 pcs of each standard size dice set and keep them all in their proper place! If you don’t want the tray, it is removable, which is a nice touch.

Adventurer’s Backpack

This Adventurer’s Backpack is perfect for any DM or Gamer to bring to the table. With Space for sourcebooks, miniatures, pens, spell cards, dice, and more, you’ll have everything you need. Ditch the gym bag and a laundry hamper once and for all!

Dice Bags

Ranging from $5 to $70, the Awesome Dice – Dice Bags offer a convenient way to store and carry dice on the go. The drawstring allows for easy access and storage so that you will never misplace your dice.

Wrapping Things Up

We truly hope you find a set or two (or three – can you really ever have enough dice?) that can express your personality and flair for the dramatic.

Whether it is a nice, weighted metal set or a crazy polyresin design just remember the primary purpose of your dice is to help you enjoy a great game. Having a great time with friends is less about what gear you have and more about the memories you make with those around you.

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